Celina (born 1955, Frederiksberg.)

Celina has been working on art and textile design since 1979. She has exhibited several times at Charlottenborg, Janus Building in Tistrup and has collaborated with The New Theater, as well as Houte Couture designer Jan Mackenhauer, Zone 1

The following is a writer's remarks:

Celina is absorbed by forms she spontaneously creates with her hand, often utilizing expression and constructs smaller structures and structures of different kinds that imply herself.

Celina's works contain a story that tells and reflects her own facets of life that include love and joy, but also despair and sorrow.

Her tone is inspired by southeastern France Provence with pastels and dusty color choices - when she uses the color lime it gives a fresh breath and an exciting contrast to her deep shades.

With her light strokes she makes herself known and expresses in a refined and picturesque way the depth ...

When Celina expresses herself, she dwells for many hours for each work.

The fascination of her motives is that she is able to convey a joy and perfection that awakens the light or the white in the viewer, that which cries and sprouts forth.

Celina is a lovely woman filled with intuitions, truth and depth emphasizes her.

Celina plays cello.

If she paints or plays music, her expression is the same.