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Celina  alias   

Helene C. Karrebæk.

Born 1955 in Frederiksberg, as Lene Kristoffersen

Educated at  1979 – 1983 at ”Skolen for Brugskunst” (The school for Arts and Crafts) 


Hav Havn Himmel - I Erindring om Stormfloden 1872 - Kunstudstilling 7./8. og 14./15. maj 2022 Pakhus Rødby


Galleri Langholm v/ Sussana 25. th of August


Gallery Schlegel Skovstræde 12 4891 Toreby Lolland


Fermarn Culture 2018 Culture Center in the village of Pedersdorf 

February 24 - 25

Current exhibition: Galleri Rossocinabro, Rome Now - jan.31, . 2018

Exhibition in  Rome , Art Expo, Summer 2.-15.of  June 2017

Charlottenborgs forårsudstilling, ( Spring Exhibition)

Textile lengths 1990 (censored )

Charlottenborgs forårsudstilling, Silk scarfs1992( censored

Janusbygningen , Tistrup, Textiles1995( censored)

Articles of silk clothing in collaboration with Houte Couture designer Jan Machenhauer,  Zone 1 , Copenhagen.   


Danmarks Akvarium, (Danish Aquarium) Copenhagen

Textile Paintings of Fishes  1995

Kunstindustrimuseet(Art Industry Museum) Copenhagen Silk Kimonos


DGI- Byen, Cph

Cafe Krasnapolski, Cph

Cafe  Sugar, Vesterbro, Cph

Cinema Vester Vov Vov, Cph

and many more

I  have over the years exhibited many places ,and some times sold pantings in various galleries, cafés, libaries, hospitals,  cliniques, outdoor exhibitions for artists, dentists, afterschools and hairdressers in Denmark, mostly Copenhagen and in Mazatlan, Mexico, 2002)

Since  1976  I have been occupied working with art and explored different  materials, forms og colours.

As a  textiledesigner  I started  to paint on silk, but later I began to  paint on canvas, where I loved the option of painting with the white colour.

I have worked with different themes. as painting with white, cracks in the asphalt, contrasts, and the challenge of uniting apparently incompatible elements,.For several years I have been working with different materials as a linen and different structures, reliefs and layers also with paper., and contrasts in colours and materials.

I have also worked with embroidery in new ways, in 2010

What matters for me, is to communicate what words or even music can´t express with paintings, some times from the unconscious mind, sometimes impressions from experiences .


Porto, Portugal

Art Festival March 10-23.

Parallax Art Fair London

February 3-4.



Gallery Rossocinabro, Rome Oct. - Nov.

Future Art Gallery, Rome Oct.

Art Exposummer, Rome


Gallery Schlegel


Exhibition at Nykøbing F. Hospital


Hairdresser Gert, Nakskov


Kunst til Fritidshjem, TK


Exhibition dentist, Søborg


Exhibition Labelinda, Brønshøj

1983 -2001

Kunstindustrimuseet, Kbh.

Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition

Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition

Censored exhibition, Tirstrup

Various cafés in kbh., Biografen Vester Vov, Danmarks Akvarium m.m.



Tel.: +45 60 80 64 30

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